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Customized Prints

Colors, artwork, names and logos are all customized for your event.  Choose 2x6 print strips or 4x6* prints with up to 4 photos.

Customized Touch-Screen Graphics

As with our prints, the touch-screen graphics are tailored just for your event.

Traditional backdrop or Green-Screen

Choose from several traditional backdrop styles or select green-screen and the sky's the limit.  Six different background images can be selected from the touch-screen.  You can pick images from our gallery, request something specific or provide your own for a more personal touch.

The Best Equipment and Software

We only use Canon DSLR cameras, studio strobes, industrial photo printers and the industry leading software.

Social Media Integration

If requested, guests have the option to upload their photos to Facebook right from the booth.

On-Site Attendant

Every event is staffed with a photographer to assist guests, answer questions and make sure everything runs smoothly.

You Get All the Images

After every event, a digital copy of every print and individual photo is provided via a web gallery link or free DVD.

Props Galore

We're always trying out fun, new props.  Feel free to bring your own as well.


* There is an additional $65 fee when choosing 4x6 prints.